Surya Promild / Breakers

TVCs / Jun 2013

A serie of 3 short films for the Surya Promild cigarettes, where the ‘O’ representing the brand is showing off its ‘strong’ side… Directed by Sam Bennetts, same director as the previous Surya Promild commercial. All 3 movies were done with 3dsMax, Vray and Nuke, with some additional animation from Maya. Really good fun designing and bringing these 3 shots to life !

Directors main idea is to achieve each movie in one single shot, to make it more real and believable. To enhance storytelling, the camera would zoom on particular elements. For the car and breakdance movies, since camera is tracking sideways, the zooms were achieved in nuke, while CG and footages are initially composited at double resolution. For the football one, quick pans and zooms were mostly done in camera, which proved to be a bit tricky to track…

Here you can see some of the cars and options we designed before reaching the final result:

The car was initially designed on paper, but because of the precision the shapes need in order to transform we switch to 3dsmax arranging rough shapes… When the design got approved, we re-modelled each part in details, adding extra quick detail by using modified parts of car engines we had from previous works…


Client: Gudang Garam Surya Promild
Agency: Soho Square
Director: Sam Bennetts
Production: Seven Sundays
VFX / Compositing: Julien Vanhoenacker


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