We are film directors, designers, digital artists who like to challenge each project we are involved in, use our talent to create ideas, craft, and combine technologies to generate high quality, fun, amazing pictures.

bloom is a design studio specializing in visual effects, merging real and digital in mixed media to create extraordinary images and film.  We like to build unique worlds through aesthetic languages.

We love what we do, we are proud and passionate about making great work.

What we do

We like to have fun! 

We create commercials, music videos, short films, any ideas that come through our mind, we like to experiment with it.

bloom collaborates with a tree of creative people around the world, working closely with our clients, providing solutions for different creative ideas to fit with any types of budget.

We offer a comprehensive array of services ranging from initial concept to direction, high-end VFX to final master delivery. bloom film design can provide a convenient one stop solution as cost-effective packages as well flexible one-off services.


> Film treatment & references
> Storyboarding
> Previsualization

Film direction
CGI/VFX direction

> Grading
> Online Mastering


bloom film design is built for versatility and flexibility, always with tight quality control in mind. Each project is a passion and we research, develop and improve techniques at every stage to deliver better and beautiful, faster.

Through the years of experience, a few skillset stand out though. With its high-end approach and eye for detail, bloom film design is naturally a great partner for the modern automotive industry. Partnering with car makers and agencies, we can provide photo-real car films and prints that unleash creative possibilities.

A passion for storytelling together with a cutting edge skillset enables bloom film design to create compelling and visually striking films and stories, seamlessly blending with live action footage or full on CGI. Digital animals, robots and monsters, you name it we can make it.

When it comes down to beauty, subtlety and taste prevail. Through its Flame online and mastering, bloom film design enhances live beauty and performance to the heights of perfection while staying true to the original.

While these can be bloom’s strength, its creative and technical approach enables all kinds of works to come to life. Check our work archives to see what we can do!


Mam – E. Producer

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Claire – E. Producer

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Anon – Sr. Producer

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Praew – Regional Producer

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J – Regional Producer

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