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Manual / Nov 2022

Bloom is thrilled to be partnering with Keypoint production again, following the success of their previous collaboration on the Midea Gaia project. The Midea Gaia project was well received and now, we have joined forces once again to bring the message of Midea Manual to life through a visually stunning commercial.

The advertisement showcases breathtaking shooting locations and emphasizes the impact of climate change on our planet. This commercial aims to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the environment and encourage viewers to take action towards a sustainable future.

Experience the beauty of the earth and join us in our mission to save it, with Midea Manual and Bloom.



Client: Midea
Agency ST
Production: Key Point
Production Team 贺强
Executive Producer: Irene
Director: Holo
D.O.P: 陈伟
Editor: 魏培昆 & 孙瑜宏
Colorist: 王明辉
Post House: Bloom film design
Post Producer: Sahattaya Chantanop
Thidatep Fungprasertkul
VFX Supervisor: Joaquim Montserrat
Compositor: Chaithawat Pinsuwan
Sukit Kongkedkrai
Online: Warongphat Ananchaiphattana
Mathieu Jacobs
Claire Ya Chung Teng


Mam – E. Producer

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Claire – E. Producer

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Line ID:Himateng
Wechat ID:claireteng23

Anon – Sr. Producer

Phone:+66 (0) 814141199
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Line ID:anonsway
Wechat ID:anonswaybloomer

Praew – Regional Producer

Phone:+66 (0) 944262944
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J – Regional Producer

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