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Isuzu D-Max

Infinite Potential / Nov 2019

It is with both great pride and humility that I share with you this film we created for the world launch of the new Isuzu D-Max 2019. Bringing this film to life has been a great and challenging adventure that involved many people, teams and individuals I won’t be able to thank enough. First and foremost, great thanks to Vanboon and his Daichi DIK team for trusting me with this important project. Ono from Good Take and of course Tok and his Bullet team for organizing another flawless production, with the help of Mark Thomas and his Affinity team on the beautiful Australian grounds. Warm thanks to Andy Campbell my AD for managing this crazy shoot and the great discussions on the road between locations.

Post-production has been a great challenge in itself and we have all been extremely impressed by the amazing work from the Yggdrasil team. They set a new standard of professionalism, dedication and expertise. Among the team I need to specially thank Adam and Boss for their outstanding help during the shoot and post-production, their helps has been invaluable.

Thanks to Marshall Raj for his editing skills and the patience to go through the hours and hours of footage we brought back. Great thanks to Ben Conkey for bringing his unique visual punch to the film and Mellow Tunes team for bringing the same punch in the great soundtrack and sound mix. Thank you all so so much!


Client:Tri Petch Isuzu Sales co. ltd
Agency:Dai-Ichi Kikaku Thailand
Creative:VanBoon Sankhavadhana, Chinsuwee Jetjumrat
Production:Good Take Productions
Production Support:Bullet Bangkok, Affinity films APAC
Director:Julien Vanhoenacker
D.O.P.:John Alfirevich
Editor:Marshall Raj
Colorist:Ben Conkey
Post House:Yggdrasil Group
VFX Supervisor:Adam Abdularee
Online:Peter Tresize
Music score:Mellow Tunes
Sound Mix:Mellow Tunes


Mam – E. Producer

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Anon – Sr. Producer

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Praew – Regional Producer

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J – Regional Producer

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