IMG Worlds of Adventure

The Magic Ticket / Feb 2017

A very fun and challenging TVC project I am so proud to have directed with an amazing team from all over the world. When one film combines Marvel’s heroes, Cartoon Network’s characters, dinosaurs and some zombies to top it off, you know you’re in for a ride ! Thanks to the exceptional producing skills of Daniel Sheridan from Ndigitec this was made possible and after 2 days of well prepared hectic shoot with Mik Allen as DOP and Zeus as first AD and a month of intense post work we got this awesome result! Shot and edited in Dubai, CGI from Dubai, Sweden and Poland, cartoon animation from UK, grading from Thailand.


Client:IMG Worlds of Adventure
Agency:Ndigitec Premedia
Creative:Rob Marinissen
Production:Ndigitec Premedia
E.Producer:Nathan Ornick
Director:Julien Vanhoenacker
D.O.P.:Mik Allen
Editor:Pablo Gonzales Plant
Colorist:Smoke & Mirrors Bangkok
VFX Supervisor:Eyad Arabi
Music score:Paul Shapera


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