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Passion / Mar 2024

Explore the realm of aromatic excellence with Downy Passion

A project born from the dynamic collaboration between Passion Pictures Bangkok and Bloom Film Design. Directed by the talented Antony Redman, this TVC is a visual and olfactory masterpiece. The CGI landscapes and blooming flowers create a sensorial extravaganza that transcends traditional advertising.

Join us on this fragrant journey where Passion Pictures and Bloom Film Design unite to make Downy Passion an unforgettable experience, delivering not just a product but a symphony of scents that double the pleasure.


Producer:Helene Garcia
Director:Antony Redman
DOP:Joke Pirachat
Production House:Passion Pictures Bangkok
Executive Producer:Beryl Tan
Post Producer:Aida Ghazali
Line Producer:Siri Thana(App)
Post Production:Bloom Film Design
Executive Producer:Claire Teng
Sahattaya Chantanop(Mam)
Post Producer:Kasira Weeraditthakij(Praew)
Colorist:Aekbordin Watcharaworatham(Ko)
Color Grading Assistant:Atinoot Suwanich(Jin)
VFX Supervisor:Joaquim Montserrat
3D ArtistsJoaquim Montserrat
Chatchawal Buangam(Tum)
Compositors:Lapatlada Aphiratsakul(May L)
Online Artists:Claire Teng
Pawat Parison(Nat)

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