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BMW i7

The Protégé / Nov 2023

…Mesmerizing, seducing, but it is only for the selected ones when the i7 roams the city, it calls those who resonate with it…

In the midst of 2023, Bloom Film Design seized the fantastic opportunity to collaborate with the trendiest production house, MOD Shanghai, and the effortlessly cool director, Federico Mazzarisi, bringing to life “The Line of Desire” for “BMW i7 – The Protégé.

A journey through the lens, “The Line of Desire” encapsulates the essence of exclusivity, inviting you to join the select few who resonate with the allure of the extraordinary. Embark on this cinematic voyage and let the G70 captivate your imagination. After all, some stories are meant for the chosen few.


Client:BMW China
Agency:TBWA\Juice Network
Production House:MOD Shanghai
Director:Federico Mazzarisi
Service Production:Tapeless Film
Executive Producers:Iris Jin, Vicky Bai
Post Producer:Shirley Zhi
D.O.P.: Denis Guth
Editor:Marco Battiloro
Colorist:Valerio Liberatore( Frame by Frame )
Mixing:Shao Hang@20KM
Post House:Bloom Film Design
Executive Producer:Claire Teng
Post Producer:Anon Rungruengbangchan
VFX Supervisor:Julien Vanhoenacker
3D Generalists:Chatchawal Buangam
Gorragote Dowrueng
Mathilde Chauvelot
Tanapat Chotiyannont
Matte painter:Ahmadvand Mohammadmahdi
Compositors:Chaithawat Pinsuwan
Lapatlada Aphiratsakul
Sukit Kongkedkrai
Online Artists:Mathieu Jacobs
Warongphat Ananchaiphattan


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