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BAVA - NEXT / Jun 2022

Bloom Film Design was approached to bring the iconic BMW BAVA Bear to life once again.
This time the benchmark was raised even further. We were tasked to create an entirely CG film without involving actual shoot in any scenes.

The pressure was on as we were in charge of introducing BAVA at the start of the film while Ollie Studio took care of the rest of the metaverses. Working with Ollie Studio was a fantastic opportunity to combine our strengths and create some amazing visuals. This experience taught us that together, we can create something truly magnificent.

After weeks of hard work and fun, our BAVA is finally ready to hit the screen and we can’t wait for the world to see what we’ve created! We’re excited to have worked together as a team to bring BAVA’s adventures to life, from the secret BMW laboratory to all the metaverses. Seeing our BAVA on air is a true joy and brings a smile to all our faces!


Exec. Producer:肖霄
Assistant Producer:Zoe Wong
Production:VST 视丘道
CGI House:Bloom Film Design & Ollie Studio
Director:赵硕 / Ligo Zhang
VFX Supervisor (Bloom):Joaquim Montserrat
Producers (Bloom):Aka Tse / Thidatep Fungprasertkul / Sahattaya Chantanop
3D Artists (Bloom): Alejandro Garcia / Chatchawal Buangam / Tanapat Chotiyannont
Compositors (Bloom): Chaithawat Pinsuwan / Sukit Kongkedkrai
CGI Supervisor (Ollie): Ligo Zhang
Concept Artists (Ollie): 万万 / Haoziz / 炯延 / 白纸 / 小五 / 阿哲 / 梓东 / kk / 恬恬 / 余未知 / 赵富贵 / 李文睿 / 谢春治
Previz Artists (Ollie): Ligo Zhang / Haoziz
CGI Artists (Ollie): Haoziz / 万万 / 白纸 / 明同学 / 东阳 / 张政 / 陈实 / 年年 / 鸿俊
VFX Artists (Ollie): Yu Xiaoming
Compositors (Ollie): Ligo Zhang
Modeling (Ollie): 正经建模
2D Animator (Ollie):大梦梦
Music score & Sound:大囍记


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